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Massimo Moruzzi, What Happened To Advertising? What Would Gossage Do?
If you are interested in advertising, you should read this. If you are dealing with advertising on the Internet, you must.
Massimo Moruzzi aka *dotcoma is not going to waste your precious time. He is quick and to the point, he distils what should have been known for ages (but isn’t), such as the difference between sales and “likes”, customers and followers, effectiveness and fluff.
All statements are carefully referenced, with examples, quotes, links and data to support them. Actually, the apparatus of notes is so rich and detailed that it is almost a book within the booklet.
What is the point of “branding” if it doesn’t affect your bottom line? Rather than aiming at “brand awareness”, you need to raise your own strategy awareness. Pop-ups do not rock. Nor do Facebook fake fans, twitter fake followers, and the likes of them. Quantity cannot replace creativeness. Every Internet user got bored of intrusively obtrusive banners of any sort a long time ago, and many have learnt to ignore or dodge them ever since. Why bother to go on squandering your money, time and effort on them in the first place?
Banner ads… Luckily enough, he is speaking of the invisible to me; when at home, I simply totally forget the supposedly enormous bunch of colourful lies lying behind my AdBlock shield.
Giulio Pianese, ovvero Zu

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